15/05/2014 06:18 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

WIN A Super Hero Bedroom Lighting Makeover With Philips And Marvel!


To celebrate the launch of the new Spider-Man lighting range from Phillips and Marvel, budding storytellers can share their own heroic adventure for a chance to win a bedroom lighting makeover.

Using light to bring your child's bedroom to life, Philips understands that light can help children's imaginative worlds come to life as they play, and can transform their bedroom to make it a magical space they love spending time in.

With the help of Marvel character Spider-Man, your little Super Hero can now bring their heroic dreams to life with light. If your child is obsessed with Super Heroes and regularly swoops round the house in a cape, capture their imaginative stories and enter our competition

The first prize winner – as picked by a panel of judges – will receive a Super Hero themed bedroom party, complete with fabulous costumes. The winning child's bedroom will be transformed by light into an amazing space fit for a hero world fitting for any Super Hero in residence.

The winning entry will also be animated in the style of Marvel comic book illustrations, bringing your child's imagination well and truly to life.


There are also runners up prizes – 20 second prize winners will receive a Phillips and Marvel Spider-Man light, and 10 third prize winners will get their hands on a Spider-Man bedroom poster.

Sound good? Well, dig out your capes, there's work to be done.

To be in with a chance of winning, entrants must upload a short, imaginative Super Hero story to Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #PlayTheHero. The entry can be text, a drawing, Vine video or picture – it's very much up to your little hero, the judges are just looking for creativity and originality.

The competition is now open. To enter, visit and share your story on the wall using #PlayTheHero or go to to upload your child's entry along with the hashtag #PlayTheHero before June 9.

For the full terms and conditions, visit

Good luck!

If you like the sound of the new Philips and Marvel lighting range, take a look at the products which include:

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Phillips and Marvel have been working with mum-of-four Jo Whiley. Below is her daughter Coco's story, with writing by older brother Jude.

Meet Unicorn Girl...


"Unicorn Girl was, well, different. She lived in a time where people who were different, were treated badly. And Unicorn Girl was one of the most differentest people of all time (even though differentest is not even a word).

"Many years ago, Unicorn Girl was just an ordinary five year old named Suzie. She was tricked by a genie who told her he could give her any superpower she wanted, but he twisted her words and changed her into an unfathomable half-human, half-unicorn!

"One day, when Unicorn girl was wandering through the streets, she heard a laugh. Her wings spread wide, and she flew to the ghastly sound, to see if anyone was in trouble. When she arrived, who was there but the Ringleader. The Ringleader was a very naughty, very silly man. He wanted to capture Unicorn girl and imprison her for his freak show.


The hours that followed were harsh. The clash was the toughest and most sparkly scuffle of all time. Sparkly because of the sparkles and rainbows Unicorn girl used to defend herself; and tough because the ringleader used his lance, which clipped Unicorn girl's wings.


"The ringleader had Unicorn girl cornered and was about to take her to the circus, she was scared. But she remembered, when a unicorn is scared they can emit a super rainbow, and she did. The rainbow was so powerful it blasted the ringleader all the way around the world twice, and he landed in a prison in Tibet.


And that goes to show, when someone is treated differently for being different, the different person will always win.