19/05/2014 00:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Advertises On Gumtree To Get A Date For Her Student Son


This mum's intentions are noble but her methods are, well, judge for yourself.

Concerned that her hard-working student son couldn't get a date to go to the Cambridge May Ball, she decided to help him out – by advertising for a girl on Gumtree.

You can almost hear the poor lad's buttocks clench!

The woman, named only as Margot, placed an advert on the site – more commonly used for finding a flatmate or flogging second-hand furniture and used cars – asking for a 'talkative blonde' to attend one of the May balls with her son because he was too busy to find a date.

She wrote: "I am a mother of a Cambridge student. He is fully occupied by school works, so I am helping to look for a female student partner attending May Ball Cambridge with my son, wishing both of you may have a wonderful memory during this event.

"We will be responsible for all the expenses. If you are blonde, talkative, age 19 to 22, and with an honest and sincere attitude toward this opportunity, [you are] welcome to send your profile to me."

The May balls are held by many of the Cambridge colleges, usually in the first week in June, after the exam season.

Tickets often cost more than £100 a head. But was the advert a prank by one of the student's friends? Apparently not.

When contacted by the Cambridge News, mum Margot wouldn't give more details about her search, but insisted the advert was neither a joke or a scam.

She said: "I just want to keep it in a low profile and not cause too much troubles (sic) for my son.

"It would be helpful if you know someone suitable for this opportunity and encourage her to contact me."

Oh, mother!