WATCH: The Lonely Island Return With Two New Videos: 'Hugs' And 'When Will The Bass Drop'

The Lonely Island are back! And they want to hug you.

Andy Samberg hosted Saturday Night Live's season finale at the weekend - and together with his fellow Lonely Islanders debuted two new video shorts: 'Hugs', featuring Pharrell Williams (above) and 'When Will The Bass Drop', featuring Lil Jon (below).

In the former video (warning: rude language alert), The Lonely Island want to make it clear that just because they hug you, girl, they're not in love with you ("You can't a rolling stone, 'cause it will crush you/Begging me to hug you again, that's when I shush you"). And in the latter, Samberg is rave DJ Davvincii, pumping out the jams and teasing the crowd as to when the bass will, exactly, drop. And when it does, it causes quite an explosion. Or two...

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