Sada Bike Is The Foldable Bicycle That Folds Down To The Size Of An Umbrella

This Bike Collapses To The Size Of An Umbrella

Your foldable bike may be quite foldable but it's far from as foldable as this very foldable foldable bike.

The Sada Bike designed by Italian designer Gianluca Sada, breaks down into a package the size of an umbrella.

The rather cool-looking spokeless wheels form the structure of the backpack in which it can be carried.

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SADA BIKE サダ・バイク 画像集

Sada said: "The objective of this project is to have a cycle with standard dimensions ( wheels 26 “) and have a small package during transportation.

"The wheels have no spokes, the minimum size in closing, the system folder with the single movement, the packaging container can also be used as a backpack, are innovations of this script."

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