20/05/2014 12:20 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Better Than Ryan Gosling? The Four-Year-Old Fashion Blogger With A Talent For Aping Celebrity Style

Mini Style Hacker aka Ryker Wixom is the most stylish 4-year-old boy working the LA fashion scene.

So dapper is this little gent that he has a cool 87,000 followers on Instagram and his tidy ensembles give the likes of Ryan Gosling and Pharrell Williams a serious run for their money. These photos are TOO GOOD.

Ryker is meticulously styled by his mum and while he's not fully kitted out in designer gear, (he wears Gap, H&M, Target, Primark, Old Navy and Zara) he looks the business in his copycat ensembles.

He's proof in case that fashion kids are taking over Instagram and holding down blogs too. Ryker's mum Colette has been posting on his ( since February and with every trendy look (OMG the mini Ray Ban's are too cute) comes thousands of likes.

There's no denying that Ryker is a model tot - these poses are spot on and can we just talk about the way he nails accessories? Backpacks, shades, beaded bracelets, bow ties - his wardrobe puts ours to shame.

Keep tabs on Ryker Wixom and see all his latest style hacks on his Instagram page - try denying how awesome this trendy tot is, just try.

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