Ukip Donor Demetri Marchessini Wrote '50 Shades Meets Downton' Erotica

One of Ukip's leading donors, Demetri Marchessini, wrote his own graphic "true" erotic story about three Italian brothers' sexual encounters with "the grand dames of London society".

Marchessini, who last year gave Ukip £10,000, wrote a book about – Women in Trousers: A Rear View - setting out why he believed women looked ugly in trousers using photos taken of them from behind.

Marchessini told the Huffington Post UK that he wrote his saucy work Three Gentlemen of Verona, using the pen-name Gianni Ventura, billing it as "50 Shades Meets Downton". Hard copies, needless to say, are out of print.

The book certainly starts off with a bang, with its first sentence reading: "Nick wanted to fuck the Countess of Wishfort."

The events in the book include women frequently being spanked, with 'Ventura' dwelling on how shapely or "chubby" each bottom was. The author also veers into subjects like why women "make noises during love-making", female orgasms and the importance of the fact that "men have cocks", as "men FUCK women, while women GET FUCKED."

At another point, he writes that "many attractive girls wind up unmarried" as they "go to bed too quickly" with a man. He also concludes that the "obligation to be faithful" for single men “does not exist and has never existed anywhere".

'Ventura' uses the book to dwell on all sorts of encounters with women, with chapters headed with provocative titles like "English Ladies", "Older Ladies", "Mixed Ladies", "French Ladies" and - of course - "More English Ladies" and "English Ladies revisited".

The Greek businessman uses the many chapters on English women to offer insights like that English women's "combination of promiscuity and coldness...is very attractive to many foreign men."

The 79-year old shipping and investment magnate, who published the book in 2005, told HuffPost UK: "The book is not a novel, it is a TRUE account of the love lives of several brothers. Its purpose is to show men that women are not exactly like men think they are."

"I spent my life with women from 20 different countries. The passages in the book are my conclusions."

Unfortunately the reviews on Amazon.com are not so favourable about the book as all those written give it just one star.

One reviewer wrote: "Never thought that I would tire of reading about sex, but this book did it for me", while another concluded: "The sex scenes were yawnworthy and it left me feeling bored and offended!"

Here are the best, or perhaps worst, bits of the undeniably NSFW book that you need to read.

Fidelity is 'somewhat vaguer' for women...

"Women like being dominated..."

"The desire to be dominated is inherent in women" - and English men aren't very good at it

Women... "are jealous, can be vindictive, they lie continuously, they make trouble and they do not have the same principles and ethics that men have."

Marchessini/Ventura concludes that women are "emotionally weaker" than men.


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