Cannes Film Festival 2014: Sophia Loren Shows Younger Stars How To Bring Old School Glamour To Red Carpet (PICS)

We’ll admit that we’ve found some of the invitees at the Cannes Film Festival this year a little questionable - naming no names, of course (ahem) - so it was refreshing to see a real film legend like Sophia Loren step onto the red carpet on Tuesday night.

The movie veteran rocked up to the premiere of ‘Two Days, One Night’ looking every inch the screen icon in a bejewelled gold gown fit for Hollywood royalty.

Sophia Loren

And while she might have been bringing us some ‘old school’ Hollywood glamour with her sequinned outfit, ‘old’ is the last word that springs to mind looking at Sophia who, at 79-years-old, could definitely teach some of the younger stars at the festival a few things about how to dress.

The actress was also suitably coiffed and working some seriously big hair, while we also have to give her props for the pretty daring low-cut neckline of her dress.

Sophia and her son, Edoardo

On the red carpet, Sophia smiled and waved to fans, while posing for photos on the arm of her son, director Edoardo Ponti.

Of course, Sophia is no stranger to Cannes, as the Italian star was a staple at the film festival during the earlier days of her career in the 1950s.

Sophia and actor Van Johnson attend Cannes in 1955

We have to say Sophia's glamorous arrival at the festival was just in time as so far we’ve not been overly impressed with some of the stars’ decorum - particularly Justin Bieber who has been snapped a number of times wandering around the city with no top on and showcasing his ever-growing tattoo collection.

Justin. This is literally the Cannes Film Festival. Shirt on, please

However it hasn’t been all bad, as actresses Nicole Kidman and Blake Lively have both been lauded for their fashion choices on the red carpet since the festival kicked off last week.

Cannes Film Festival 2014 Red Carpet

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