Google Maps: 7 Abandoned Theme Parks You Can Explore From Your Desk

Google Maps Is Fully Of Creepy, Abandoned Theme Parks

Google Maps is a treasure trove of interesting and unexpected sights. From 360-degree underwater gardens to millions and millions of unused cars, there is pretty much no end to the amount of fun you can have with it, if you're sufficiently committed and/or bored.

Among the most fascinating images on the site are those which depict what will be left of our world once the viruses or giant lizards finally send us back to oblivion.

Take theme parks. Everyone from horror movie producers to game makers has known for years that there is nothing quite as creepy as an abandoned amusement park. Perhaps its the echoes of laughter you can still sense in the rotten roller coasters and moss-covered flume rides? Or maybe it's just that they provide lots of really great hiding places for deadly undead clown zombies?

Whatever it is, they're fascinating. And it turns out there are dozens of the things on Google Maps.

Here are our favourites - if we've missed any let us know in the comments.

Six Flags, New Orleans, USA

This theme park was closed just before Hurricane Katrina struck the region in 2005. It was heavily damaged in the storm and has been essentially abandoned ever since. Numerous attempts to rebuild it have fallen flat and the only salvageable ride (a Batman attraction) was moved to San Antonio. It has since become a film set and remains there today, crumbling into the dirt.

Joyland, Wichita, Kansas

This theme park operated for more than 50 years from 1949 before it closed in 2006. It has since been totally wrecked by the ravages of time, vandals and total neglect.

Dreamland, Margate

This is all that remains of the once glorious Dreamland in Margate which opened in 1920.

Hard Rock Park, South Carolina

This abandoned park is among the most expensive failures in theme park history, having managed to say open for only two years despite holding more than 50 rides -- most of which are now listed for sale. It's now partially used for grazing space for horses used in the nearby Medieval Times dinner and tournament show.

Nara Dreamland, Tokyo

This theme park was built in 1961 as a total, basically intentional rip-off of Disneyland, but it eventually fell to pieces when Disney opened its own, official park in Tokyo. It eventually closed in 2006 and stands totally abandoned -- except for security guards and urban explorers looking for photos.

Katoli’s World, Taiwan

This former amusement park has been totally swamped by trees, and now only the big wheel and vague outline of the roller coaster remain.

Spreepark, Berlin

This former theme park in East Berlin was opened in 1969, but in 2002 after years of financial problems. Guided tours were offered until 2014, but those too have now ceased.

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