This Jetpack Can Reach 77 MPH (But Not For Long)

This Jetpack Can Reach 77MPH (But Not For Long)

Jetpacks are so incredibly disappointing, we almost feel sorry for you having clicked on this link.

Whatever wonders science is able to achieve, making a working, practical backpack able to fly us around the world for a pittance seems to be beyond them.

The latest jetpack to hit our video archive is this undeniably impressive model which can reach a speed of more than 70 miles an hour and flew for real at the "Future is Here" festival over the weekend.

Unfortunately there is an obvious flaw - the pack only works for up to 26 seconds at a time.

As a result the hydrogen peroxide and nitrogen gas machine - which still costs $150,000 - is a very specialised piece of kit which only trained pilots can operate.

Having said that, you can actually buy the pieces to buy this machine yourself online, so if you're feeling ambitious and really sure you can count to 26 accurately, feel free to have a crack at it.


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