21/05/2014 07:38 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kanye West's Reaction To Seeing A Fan Wearing A Fake Pair Of Yeezus Trainers Is Brilliant

Kanye West has a pretty impressive fan base and when it comes to signing autographs he's all over it. That is, unless said fans are wearing FAKE Nike Air Yeezy kicks.

Check out this video of the rapper's response to signing a fan's trainers in Paris...

"These are not real though. You know that, right?" Kanye says, and as the man designed them himself it's safe to say he'd be able to sniff out a fake.

The thing is, he TOTALLY keeps his cool. No rage, no rant - nothing *raises eyebrows*.

"It's alright though," he says smoothly after signing them, grinning into the flashing camera phones. Man, we like this side of Kanye. Maybe Kim Kardashian's easy-breezy ways are rubbing off on him, or maybe this was a one-off thing.

Either way, Kanye appears to be pretty cool about things and with his sure-to-be-OTT-ridiculously-luxe wedding just around the corner (celebrations are rumoured to start on Friday) he seems to be remarkably un-groomzilla.

The latest deets on Kim and Kanye's wedding? The entire Kardashian clan have flown into Paris for the big day and Bruce Jenner is set to give KK away. Watch this space, we'll keep you posted on everything about their big day.

LOVE KANYE'S STYLE? There's no denying the fact that he loves his designer garb and this is him looking seriously sharp. Think suited and booted, standout pieces that scream Yeezus.

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