Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: Hands-On With The 'Laptop Killer'

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 3 tablet on Tuesday - and the big story is it isn't just trying to replace your iPad.

Instead Microsoft has pitched its new machine squarely against your laptop (or really your Macbook Air). With its 3:2 ratio 12-inch screen, full touchscreen interface and extremely light and thin form factor, it's a portable and nice looking gadget.

But it's also got the benefits of a full version of Windows 8.1, a USB 3 port and clever Smart Cover keyboard.

The machine also comes with a new stylus, which can draw on the screen like a digital notepad with a single press of its 'eraser' button.

So what's it like in person?

We've grabbed some early hands on time via our partners at Engadget. Take a look above and check out all the product details here.

Pre-orders are now live on Microsoft's website. Currently Microsoft says all configurations and some new accessories will be available by the end of August, though we'll keep you updated.