'SlideRider' Turns Any Staircase Into A Playground

Now it's not just cool tech start-ups that can have slides instead of stairs. In fact we all can - if the internet does the right thing and gets behind this incredible idea.

The SlideRider is a fold-up, portable device which can convert any straight staircase into a slide.

Trisha Cleveland designed the stair case and won support from Quirky, which works with people to develop their inventions, and its community.

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Meet The 'SlideRider'

Cleveland is now looking for more support and a good deal from a manufacturer to put the slide into production.

The slide has safety rails built in, and a cushioned pad at the bottom so that kids aren't injured at the bottom. It then folds up neatly into a red box, for storage.

Check out the idea in full at Quirky, where you can also pledge support.

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