25/05/2014 05:39 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

This Girl Started A Walk Of Shame Shuttle Service, Now She's Getting A TV Series

Most of us have had to wander home after a one-night-stand at some point, hair awry and last night's heels cutting blisters into their ankles, most likely wishing someone would whisk them home, so they can lay their head on a pillow, ASAP.

Well, knowing this predicament, a girl in Michigan started a 'Walk Of Shame Shuttle Service' for her friends.


Kellyann Wargo says she came up with the idea due to "Basically being the only one in my friend group that had a car and was willing to wake up before 8 AM to do a pre-app round of 'find my friends.'"

Though she didn't quite do it out of the kindness of her heart: "My girlfriends would repay me in McDonald's hash browns, but believe it or not, I actually got to a point where I couldn't take any more fast food and preferred money.

"Then it hit me: if I can get money out of my friends, I can definitely make money off strangers. So my roommates helped me come up with the name, I made a poster, went viral...and then I had to follow the law and get a chauffeur license."

Going viral refers to the spoof video Kellyann made to promote her business:

But, spoof or not, we're not sure Kellyann is the sympathetic, judgement-free chauffeur we'd want after a sleepover with a new guy. In fact she's pretty harsh on her gal pals and their post-coital appearance, when she should appreciate their right to experiment and enjoy their sexuality.

That aside, her video was such a hit that she was approached by VH1 to make a series tracking the stories of the girls getting picked up.

And to add to her success, she's also expanding the business to "Miami, Los Angeles, and Boston! I wish I could be everywhere at once, but other drivers are necessary at this point. Luckily my standards for employees are higher than my standards for guys, so expect some really fun, smart drivers."

Kudos to Kellyann for her business acumen, but we really hope her and her drivers are more respectful to the girls when they pick them up in the series than she is in her mock ad.