27/05/2014 13:03 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

McBusted's Tom Fletcher Shares Post-Tour Reunion Pic Cuddling Baby Buzz

Being away from his baby son for six weeks must have felt like an eternity for proud dad Tom Fletcher.

But as this wonderful picture shows, the reunion makes everything all right.

The McBusted singer had been on tour since April 13 and at times it must have been agony for the very hands-on dad to be so hands-off his son Buzz Michaelangelo – which made this cuddle extra special.

Tom, 28, posted the touching snap on his Twitter and Instagram pages.

Alongside the shot, he wrote: "I think he's happy daddy's home."

And it sounds as if life has quickly got back to domestic normality, as Tom made reference to Fatboy Slim's Eat Sleep Rave Repeat, writing: "Eat, poop, change, repeat."

Then referring to his bandmate James Bourne, he added: "I'm on my way home to see my little boy. My late night milkshakes with Bourne have become late night breast-milkshakes with Buzz."

Tom has been documenting his parental journey with Buzz and wife Giovanna via Twitter and Instagram. Tom and Giovanna welcomed baby Buzz into the world on March 13, announcing the happy news via their Twitter pages.

They then posted a fantastic flashback time-lapse video, entitled From Bump To Buzz, to document Giovanna's pregnancy - which features Tom singing a self-penned track in honour of their new arrival.

Tom is in the running for Celeb Dad of the Year alongside Simon Cowell, Mo Farah and other publicly doting daddies.