'Blue Shelled' Is A Perfect Heartbreaking Tribute To Mario Kart's One Tragic Flaw

Mario Kart 8 is almost here, and while it's pretty much the greatest game in the history of creation it does have one irritating flaw: the Blue Shell.

Designed as a great leveller in the world of Mario Kart, the Blue Shell is a devious item designed explicitly to take out the kart leading the race. Which means if you've raced a blinder and made no mistakes, you can still end up losing by some loser at the back being a big old meanie.

The Brett Domino Trio know this pain too, and have put together this amazing video to explain the despair and tragic loss that only the #blueshelled can know.

It's a catchy little ditty, but don't get too into that epic solo at the end. The Blue Shell has many devious methods to break your heart, after all. Luckily there's a way round it in this version of the game.