World's Cheapest 'Zero G' Flights: Experience Weightlessness For £1,600

At this point going into space is still a dream for most of us. Even if Virgin Galactic does eventually start flying its tourist trips into the very lowest regions of space, 99.9% of people won't be able to afford the £150,000 it costs to buy a seat on board.

But now one Swiss company is planning to offer the next best thing for a fraction of the cost.

Swiss Space Systems (S3) has announced it will offer the world's cheapest zero gravity flights, costing just £1,600. In return passengers will get to experience 15 bursts of weightlessness, each lasting around 20-25 seconds.

The plane operates exactly like existing 'vomit comet' flights. It rises from 24,000 feet to around 34,000 at 45 degrees, and then levels out quickly -- sending anyone inside into the air for short periods as it proceeds to dive back down at the same angle.

“These ZeroG flights are a first step towards Space for All, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the weightlessness experienced by astronauts in space”, said Pascal Jaussi, CEO of S3.

Each flight will host about 40 people in the 'party room', as well as another 40 in various levels of premium VIP suites. For £40,000 you can get a 'tailor made' experience, as well as a flight suit and watch to take away in a goodie bag.

The flights will start in 2015 in Japan for anyone over the age of 8. The plane will tour the globe, eventually making its way to France where you can hop on board after a short Eurostar journey and throw up to your heart's content.

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