Neil DeGrasse Tyson: Aliens Could Have Already Decided We're Too Stupid

Neill deGrasse Tyson - arguably one of the coolest astrophysicists around, has confirmed that one of his greatest fears is aliens have already visited Earth and then left, deciding we're too stupid.

Speaking to MSNBC, the presenter of Cosmos revealed that whilst he'd love to discover alien life in our own galaxy, the likelihood is that we've already been visited.

"My great fear is that we've in fact been visited by intelligent aliens, but they chose not to make contact on the conclusion that there was no sign of intelligent life on Earth. How's that for measures of intelligence."

Not content with that massive put down, deGrasse Tyson also has a few words about our own self-confidence as a species saying, "The audacity of us to even claim that we can define intelligence."


Once we've all finished crying into our tubs of ice cream there is actually some good news out of all of this, Tyson firmly believes intelligent life could be appearing and disappearing all the time so there's always the chance that another alien race won't look on us so harshly.