05/06/2014 08:20 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Two-Year-Old Cheerleader Becomes Viral Sensation

A two-year-old cheerleader has become a viral sensation after a video of her performing tricks was tweeted by a famous model.

Emerson Decker started practising cheerleading routines with her dad, Andrew, before she could even walk.

Andrew taught tiny Emerson to stand balancing in the palm of his hand when she was just three months old.

Ever since then, Emerson and Andrew have spent countless hours honing their routines, and in March Andrew set up an Instagram page to record his talented daughter's exploits. However, it wasn't until late May that their videos went viral.

Andrew's cousin, model and actress Brooklyn Decker, tweeted a link to one of her favourite videos of Emerson and Andrew performing an impressive trick on the beach.

In the video, Andrew throws Emerson up into the air. She spins 360 degrees before Andrew catches her and lifts her up, high above his head, so she can balance on one foot in the palm of his hand.

The video quickly sparked interest around the world and it wasn't long before Emerson's Instagram account gained more than 50,000 followers.

The video's popularity has led to the pair performing to amazed crowds in New York's Times Square and being asked to appear on American news show Fox and Friends.

Emerson's talent may be in her genes, as not only were both her mum Allison and aunt Hayley once cheerleaders, but her dad also became a cheerleading coach - when he was just seven years old.