06/06/2014 12:20 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Before And After Pictures Show How Shocking Magazine Airbrushing Really Is

Journalist Louisa Peacock revealed the extent to which the images we see each and every day in the pages of magazines are digitally enhanced.

In her very own body image experiment Louisa was tweaked, twisted and airbrushed until she was a "skinny bitch" who hardly resembled her un-retouched self.

"In an era of sexy selfies, sexualised imagery and re-touched models," Louisa wrote in an article for the Telegraph. "I wanted to know: just how does it feel to be airbrushed?"

Watch Louisa get the Photoshop treatment here:

She explained that it took two hours in hair and makeup and then a further 20 minutes of hardcore Photoshopping to get her to a magazine cover-ready state.

Was she pleased with the results? Hello no. Why? Because the finished product didn't look anything like her.

"It would take over two hours of hair and make-up, and 20 minutes of professional airbrushing, to get me looking like the image on the right," she wrote.

"I hate it... Within two hours and 20 minutes, I'd gone from me, to well, what looks like a back-stabbing bitch. She doesn't look anything like me anymore!

"Stick thin, big plastic boobs, a long neck, big Disney-esque eyes, that oh-so-perfect predictable hair and oh, what is going on with my skin colour? I've amassed that orange, airbrushed glow. Fake. Fake. Fake."

While we can't deny we'd fancy getting the Photoshop treatment ourselves, we're pleasantly surprised by Louisa's attitude towards the process.

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