You May Have Judgements About Face Tattoos, But This Will Totally Change Your Mind

This Will Totally Change Your Pre-Conceptions About Face Tattoos

There's a moment in the Hangover 2, when Stu does something even worse than cheat on his wife-to-be with a ladyboy: he gets a great big whopping face tattoo.

Why 'worse'?

Because there's a general school of thought that the face and hands are two areas that mark a point of no return - in terms of job and society. Even the most ardent tattoo fan may find it's a line they don't want to cross.

Taking on this set of assumptions and judgements, photographer Mark Leaver decided to focus on people who have face tattoos and explore the stories behind them.

"Some wanted a radical transformation and facial tattoo becomes for them a kind of mask," Leaver explained to Skinked. "For others, it is just a rebellion against the system."

Joe Munroe -26 years old

Leaver's project, called "Tattoos," captures those who have taken the step, and surprisingly, the photos are delicate, beautiful and reveal a true vulnerability in his subjects.

"Historically facial tattoos have had a huge amount of taboos around them," Leaver explains in his statement.

"People associate facial tattoos with a number of negative things including suicide rates, criminality and depression. This couldn’t be further from the case now. Facial tattoos now represent creativity, aesthetics, transformation and spirituality."

Take a look at the stunning photographs: