Creepy Art Puts Moving 'Ghosts' On Streets Of Bristol (VIDEO)

Art Project Covers Bristol In Ghostly Shadows (VIDEO)

A new art installation in Bristol creates 'ghosts' of people by projecting their shadows down onto the streets after they've left.

Once the sun sets street lights will record a person and their shadow walking underneath them. When a new person walks under the street light the original person's shadow is then projected down onto the road, creating a 'ghost' of the original.

The installation is the creation of Jonathan Chomko and Matthew Rosier and was entered as part of the Playable City awards which looks at how we can turn cities into huge interactive spaces.

Called 'Shadowing' the installation is designed to remind people of what came before with the previous visitor's shadow walking alongside them.

If you choose to stay longer and interact then the lamp will go further back in time, showing previous shadows of those that walked underneath it.

According to the duo the purpose behind 'Shadowing' was to show the disconnect between strangers who walk past each other every day, whilst encouraging them to actually engage with each other.


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