10/06/2014 09:56 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Boy, 16, Has Never Had A Day Off School



In an age where we're constantly hearing about teenagers skipping school, Callum Rollinson is a refreshing inspiration.

For the 16-year-old has just finished his education without taking a single a day off school.

Callum, from Hull, has turned up to school every day since he was four all thanks to his good health and – possibly – because his mum, Tina, is a teacher!

Callum decided to try and hang on to his record after his primary school noticed his perfect attendance when he was just 11.

It became a running joke for his mum, dad Tony and brother Josh, 21, who warned him he could never take a day off.

The Year 11 pupil is about to sit his GCSEs at Cottingham High School in Hull before starting an engineering apprenticeship, where he hopes to keep up the record.

Callum said: "I've always really liked school. But it is an achievement and something I'm proud of because not many kids can say they've done it.

"It's just down to me not being ill on school days. I knew I was going to try to not have a day off, so even if I did feel a little ill, I would always go in.

"My mum wouldn't let me stay at home for nothing. She has definitely had something to do with it, she has always pushed me to go to school.

"It has definitely helped me with my school work because I have been to all my lessons so I have learned more. It proves I am dedicated to something.

"Going to school is something that has taken up the majority of my life, so it shows I am capable of sticking to something.

"It looks great on my CV and I think it definitely helped me get my apprenticeship."

Mum Tina, a college teacher, said: "I have heard every excuse for a day off school in my career but Callum has always just got up and gone to school.

"When he made his first year at secondary school we would say to him, 'Another year down, you can't have a day off now!' and he never asked for one. He has done really well.

"He has a good, strong work ethic and if he can keep it up for another four years for his apprenticeship that would be amazing. We are all very proud of him."

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