12/06/2014 15:16 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do... Just Not For This Boy

Design Pics/Ron Nickel

Breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend is never easy, but when you are under 10 it is considerably less complicated - as this hilariously direct letter proves.

When a young boy called DeLandren decided to call time on his month-long relationship with a girl called Krystal, he chose to break the news to her in a letter.

We don't know what DeLandren's motives for ending the love affair were - perhaps he felt they wanted different things - she wanted to play hide and seek, while he wanted to colour in - or perhaps he felt he was too young to be tied down.

Either way, DeLandren put pen to paper and set about the task of telling Krystal it was over.

Doing away with any niceties, DeLandren gets straight to the point:

"I'm breaking up with you," he wrote in big, bold letters, clearly wanting to avoid any ambiguity.

The real kick in the teeth comes as an afterthought:

"P.s. happy anniversary though (1 month)"

The letter was shared on Instagram with a caption that reads:

"A Kindergarten did this to his 'Girlfriend' so mean... I'm sorry Krystal. He at least remembered it was a month... aww I feel her pain."

However we think the writing skills are pretty impressive for a child in nursery school - although maybe DeLandren sought help from an older sibling about how to deal with this affair of the heart.

Our thoughts go out to Krystal, but we reckon she's probably much happier being young, free and single!

Here's DeLandren's letter in all its glory: