'Alien: Isolation': 6 Intense Gameplay Videos From E3 2014

6 Intensely Scary 'Alien: Isolation' Gameplay Videos

Virtually every 'Alien' game ever made has been terrible - and the most recent one was among the worst offenders. So it has been something of a shock to discover at this year's E3 that the new reboot, Alien: Isolation, looks utterly brilliant.

And terrifying. Where most games which claim to be scary usually end up being the same ropey old gun-fest you've seen 20 times before, Alien: Isolation looks much, much more impressive and atmospheric. Here you're no assault rifle-toting maniac -- you're a weak, very human target of both the alien in question, and your human enemies too.

We've gathered the 6 best gameplay videos from E3 to give you a flavour of how the game might play out once it's released on 7 October for current and next-gen consoles.


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