Marmite Cupcakes: Are They As Gag-Worthy As You Might Expect? The Team Give It A Go

Marmite: you either love it or hate it, but put it in a cupcake and you'll find it divides opinion among even the most loyal yeasty devotee.

Lola's Cupcakes have started doing just such a dessert hybrid using 'Marmite caramel' contained at the heart of a chocolate sponge topped with Marmite and chocolate buttercream.

We ordered a batch of six, and at 9.30am, the team flocked to the kitchen for second breakfast. However, what was heard was a cacophony of retching, a few 'Oh my gods' and a couple of people noshed them down with beaming smiles on their faces.

Each costs £2.75 and are available for another 3 weeks, but we don't know if the HuffPost team will rush to the shops just yet.

Here's the verdict:

"As someone who loves Marmite on toast, I thought I'd be in for a treat. But on biting into the cupcake, my god! The tang is overwhelming! The cupcake doesn't match toast as a balance - at all. Eurgh." - Asa Bennett, business reporter

"I liked the bites that were more chocolate and less Marmite. It's a thumbs down from me." - James Martin, news editor

"I approached the marmite-caramel concoction as I would any cupcake: stuffing at least a quarter in my mouth on the first bite. Reader, I gagged. It was a hideously horrific mash of stomach churning proportions. This little number should be proceeded with extreme caution." - Lucy Sherriff, students, assistant editor

"The cake lures you in upon first mouthful. It's moist, it's sweet and you almost convince yourself it's tasty - but then you realise it's like inhaling Bovril while sucking a sugar cube." -Ellen Stewart,, news and features writer

"Since sampling the cupcake I've realised that I am a something of a Marmite extremist, while other so-called Marmite lovers winced - one actually gagged - I licked my fingers, hungry for more. The salted caramel complemented the thick Marmite perfectly. Thank you, Lola's Cupcakes." - Brogan Driscoll, lifestyle, assistant editor

"Very, very disappointing - huge Marmite fan but was disappointed to find it barely tasted like Marmite at all. In fact, it tasted less like Marmite than probably any other cupcake I've ever eaten." (We should point out Charlie wolfed the WHOLE thing down in two seconds) - Charlie Lindlar, blogs, assistant editor

"I loved the chocolate sponge but when I tried the Marmite-y centre, it felt like someone had punched me in the tongue. I could taste it for hours afterwards despite frantically eating a pear and a packet of Polos. Gag, and double gag." - Poorna Bell, lifestyle editor