Popular Baby Names 2014: Eric And Elsa Leap Up The List

Blend Images - JGI/Jamie Grill


Eric and Elsa have leapt up the baby names popularity chart after parents took a shine to Simon Cowell's name choice and the ice queen in the Disney blockbuster Frozen.

But surprisingly, the name George has taken a tumble, despite the huge popularity of the royal prince. Eric leapt 284 places in the baby name charts after X Factor boss Simon Cowell named his boy after his own dad in February.

And Elsa entered the charts for the first time following the huge success of the Disney animation, Frozen.

However, while Elsa, taking the 88th spot, and Eric, at 118th, have a new-found popularity, parents are still choosing old favourites for their children, with Emily and Oliver bagging the top spots for girls and boys.

Old-fashioned names are a firm favourite among parents, with Penny, Audrey, Edith, Bertie, Ronnie and Albert ranking high.

Surprisingly, Prince George has not created a rush for parents to name their babies after him.

The name George has moved down to number 19 - the lowest it has listed since 2000.

However, other royal names are still a popular choice, with Harry placing third and William coming in 10th for boys.

Some 30,140 mums took part in the survey to see which 200 boy and girl names have proven most popular in the first half of 2014.

Most popular girls' names:

3. Olivia (dropped from #1)

5. Sophie (up 4 places)

6. Isla

7. Ellie

8. Chloe (new addition to top 10)

10. Lily

Most popular boys' names:

4. Noah (up 5 places)

5. Jack

6. Joshua

The survey was conducted by BabyCentre.