T-Mobile Rep Suggests You Keep Mobile Contract To Speak To Dead Relatives


No we've heard of tough selling but we're pretty sure this crosses almost all of the lines: A T-Mobile rep in America reportedly recommended keeping a dead father's contract running so his son could hear the voicemail.

Now it's almost impossible to describe the loss of a loved one, and for many a voicemail message can be a precious last link, however using it to keep a contract running might just be a new low.

According to The Consumerist, one of their readers Robert contacted T-Mobile to sort out his father's contract after he had passed away.

Upon getting through to an operator, the rep then asked if the contract still had voicemail and if so, would he consider keeping the contract running as a way of hearing his father's voice.

Now there is the smallest possibility that the rep was actually trying to offer some highly misplaced consolation, unfortunately if that was the case the rep had clearly forgotten that it would require the man in question to carry on paying for his dead father's contract.

Speaking to The Consumerist, Robert then immediately got in contact with T-Mobile to report the incident.

“She apologised for how their salesperson tried to keep my line open, she said that it’s not how they train their people, and the rep would be re-trained.”

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