UFO Parked Next To The Sun? Nope. But It REALLY Looks That Way.

This Really Looks Like There Is A Planet-Sized UFO Next To The Sun

An unusual shape next to the Sun has caused consternation this weekend, after the internet noticed it looked extremely like a planet-sized alien spacecraft.

It is not a planet-sized space craft. But we have to admit we don't know what it actually is, either.

The anomaly was spotted on the website HelioViewer, which collects many different images and movies from various solar observatories, in different wavelengths of light.

Some have speculated the shape is likely a result of either image processing, or some kind of interference or resonant pattern caused by particles streaming from the Sun.

Our friends over at UFO Sightings Daily are more convinced that the shape is of alien origin.

"I know a UFO this big seems impossible to us because our tech is not that advanced, but imagine what our technology will be capable of making in 1,000 years, or even more like aliens in 1,000,000 or more. There are few limits to technology and what it can one day accomplish."

What do you think?

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