How To: Become A DSLR Pro

The Problem? You've decided you're going to become the professional photographer you always knew you could be. The issue is that having spent nearly a thousand pounds on a DSLR you now have no idea how to use it. Fear not, here's how...

DSLRs are incredible pieces of technology, able to take photos with a level of detail that had previously been restricted to professionals and those guys at weddings.

Thankfully this is a new age and with costs dropping all the time you can now pick up a great DSLR for as little as ÂŁ400, not bad when you consider what they can do.

Of course there are some hurdles to overcome, the first of which is: "What are all these buttons and why isn't the flash on?"

Well fear not intrepid sharpshooter as our friends over at CNET have put together a rather great piece of video which explains how to get started.

So check out the video above and you'll be capturing shots worthy of an Attenborough nature documentary in no time.