'Big Brother' Housemate Winston Showan Appears In 'EastEnders' As An Extra (PICS)

Does That 'EastEnders' Extra Look Familiar..?

Viewers of Monday night’s ‘EastEnders’ may have been surprised to see a familiar face in the background in several scenes, as ‘Big Brother’ contestant Winston Showan appeared alongside some of the soap's more recognisable characters as an extra.

Winston cropped up in a scene in Sharon Rickman’s new wine bar The Albert, serving drinks to some of Walford's residents.

'BB' housemate Winston in 'EastEnders'

At one point he was even at the forefront of the action, carrying a tray of drinks like a pro while Sharon strode around in the background. Someone give that boy an Oscar.

Winston’s 'extra' work in the BBC soap probably explains why he seems so at ease in front of the cameras in the ‘Big Brother’ house, though this isn’t his first time on telly.

Carrying that tray like a pro - who knew he was so multi-talented, eh?

In fact, prior to his debut on the Channel 5 reality series, the cheeky Essex boy had previously made an appearance on ‘TOWIE’, as noted by cast member Bobby Norris who claimed on Twitter to have recognised him as soon as he appeared on screen.

During the live launch earlier this month, Bobby tweeted:

Meanwhile, Winston seems to be enjoying his time so far in the ‘Big Brother’ house, having escaped being nominated for eviction for the second week in a row.

However, it wasn’t all hunky dory for him, as on Friday he had to say goodbye to Tamara when she became the first person to be evicted from the show.

The pair had become the first housemates to share a cheeky snog in the house, after enjoying a romantic spaghetti meal together, with Tamara revealing to Emma Willis in her eviction interview that she intended to go on a date with him on the outside world.

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