How To: Create And Edit Your Own Podcast

The Problem? So much material and so few soapboxes to stand on. You could of course podcast, but why would you, you don't have a studio let alone an army of mics, oh or a producer. Well fear not, turns out you don't need any of those, just a couple of cheap mics and a free piece of software, here's how...

Got some great material or maybe you just want to rant about the week's news, well the world of podcasting is the perfect place for both.

Whether you're showing of your dj-ing skills or reviewing films, gone are the days of professional studios and huge bulky roof-mounted mics.

These days all you need is a few cheap mics, a solid (enough) script and a couple of mates to get involved and you've got yourself a podcast that's ready to hit the iTunes store.

In case you're still head-scratching then fear not as our friends over at CNET have come up with some top tips on how to edit your podcast using free software Audacity.

Check out the video above and have your podcast hitting the iTunes podcast charts in no time (this is not a guarantee) with some newly found audio editing skills.