How To: Master Your Facebook Privacy

The Problem? You're best friends have posted a bunch of pictures showing you dressed as a giant chicken. Now obviously nobody needs to see that so how to do you stop the entire world seeing it, knowing where it was taken and where you got the chicken costume from? Here's how...

Facebook is as addictive as it is infuriating, it's also a chronic over sharer of information which for the more privacy-minded of us is a problem.

Whilst you might be happy to let people know how amazing that meal was, you might not be a fan of letting them know exactly where you were and when. Especially if the entire world can see as it can potentially making your flat a target for crime.

Sounds overdramatic but Facebook really does share more than enough information for these things to happen. You only have to see the annual 'I only posted my party on Facebook but 10,000 people turned up' stories to know just how risky it can get.

Thankfully our friends over at CNET have come up with some simple steps that mean you'll be able to share as many meals whether you're dressed as a giant chicken or not dressed at all, safe in the knowledge that only the right people will see it.

Check out the video above and find out how to make your profile invisible to prying eyes.