How To: Print Wirelessly Using Your iPhone

The Problem? Your iPhone has the ability to print to many modern printers, but almost nobody does. Here's how to get it working...

Technology has definitely made our lives easier, whether it's letting us pay for things without using actual money or waking us up before we reach our stop on the bus. But there are some things though that still seem to be hopelessly -and more often than not - needlessly complicated.

One of those this-should-be-easy-but-actually-really-difficult tasks is being able to wirelessly print from your iPhone.

Apple introduced AirPrint an astonishing four years ago -- and yet getting it running is still considered a task that ranks equal to reading War and Peace or having an entire drawer of paired socks.

Thankfully our friends over at CNET have worked out that not only is it easier than both those things it's easier than composing an email or sending a file over WhatsApp.

Check out the video above and prepare to enter the smartphone elite that have an iPhone, wireless printer and the ability to make them be friends.

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