How To: Protect Your Mac From Viruses

The Problem? The hard truth is that the Mac is no longer the glistening metal terminal it used to be, as more people own Macs the more demand there is for viruses to steal all that info, but how do you protect against it? Here's how...

The long-standing tradition that Macs don't get viruses is sadly untrue, in fact Apple dropped the claim that its computers don't get viruses back in 2012 when hackers managed to gain access to over 600,000 machines.

Whilst that was only one per cent of owners at the time, it's just the start and whilst you may not get the same endless pop-ups that Windows users get the risk to your information is just as high.

So why take the risk argues Howdini, so to help against said risk they've put together a video which compiles the essential steps you'll need to take to make sure your Mac is safe.

Check out the video above, follow the tips and slip back into that level of safe smugness you felt when you first bought it.

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