Bobby Norris's Swimwear And 14 More Of The Worst Male Celeb Style Crimes Ever Committed (PICS)

When 'TOWIE' star Bobby Norris stepped out into the Marbella sunshine wearing the most bizarre swimwear we have ever laid eyes on (we christened it the 'side saddle mankini'), it got us thinking… was this the worst thing we'd ever seen a male celeb wear?

It's definitely up there but there have been plenty of other contenders over the years that have had us asking 'what the HELL were you thinking?'

Remember Justin Timberlake's misguided foray into triple denim when he stepped out with Britney (also denim-clad) at the 2001 American Music Awards? Of COURSE you do.

And it took David Beckham many years and many dodgy outfits before he became a bona fide style icon, as his and Victoria's matchy matchy double leather nightmare proves.

And more recently, Kelly Brook's fiancé, David McIntosh managed the seemingly impossible of distracting attention away from his other half by wearing a pair of shorts that left us feeling like we knew him intimately.

So take a stroll with us through some of the worst ever male celeb sartorial mishaps to ever offend our eyes...

Bobby Norris

15 Of The Worst Male Celeb Outfits

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