19/06/2014 05:22 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Victoria Beckham Has A New Shoe Obsession

Victoria Beckham has finally jumped on the Nike Air Max bandwagon along with every other woman in love with this summer's1990s renaissance trend.

Check out this Tweet she posted yesterday to her 7.59 million fans:

When it comes to catwalk trends, Beckham tends to lead and the world follows, but she may be a little late coming to this whole fashion trainer thing.

The former heel loving WAG has definitely come round to the idea of flats - her eponymous Autumn/Winter 2014 collection being a big give away - and when she's not in her Manolo Blahnik brogues, you'll now be seeing her in these Nike kicks.

VB is quick to take to Twitter with her latest obsession (and her own fashion hashtag), she's also recently shared her love of Dr Lancer's "amazing oxygen facial" which she's worked straight into her beauty regime.

AND the 40-year-old fashion designer has a new superfood thing. After tweeting a pic of the dietary supplement Bee Panacea from Virgin Raw Foods last month which she claims to take a tsp of every day, VB's biggest fan girls are getting all the need-to-knows on the best of beauty.

The Nike Air Max treads, though? She was definitely late to the game.

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