'Yo' App Raises $1 Million In Funding, Can Still Only Say 'Yo'

The App Which Only Lets You Say 'Yo' Raises $1 Million

It's with a strangely odd sense of enjoyment that we see an app that lets you do nothing other then just send the word 'Yo' has raised $1m in funding.

That's right, someone has forked out £587,492,909 for a stake in the "single-tap zero character communication tool" or as we know it an app that lets you send an audio 'Yo'. Incredible.

It should come as absolutely no surprise that the app took no more than 8 hours to create, but don't let that fool you, it already has over 50,000 users with a staggering four million Yos being sent since creation three months ago.

Things are progressing as well, Yo's creator Or Arbel has actually moved from his home in Israel to the startup home of San Francisco and is believe it or not, hiring.

ThinkProgress reports that the first $1 million was raised by a group of investors associated with Moshe Hogeg, the CEO a social network similar to Instagram, Mobli. The app's founder is now looking to raise more money from "strategic partners".

Once you start using it "the way it affects your life is profound", claims Arbel.

Just in case you're in any doubt about the significance of 'Yo' then just head over to the iTunes page where you'll find a whole host of reviews including:

Nicholas Butler

"Not just a means of simple but effective communication, Yo is a way of life. Since downloading Yo, all my relationships have improved and I've regrown most of my hair. My girlfriend no longer complains that I don't text her enough, I just Yo that b. Mom no longer asks why I don't call when I just sent that b a Yo."

Mister Professor Likes Glee!

Because of Yo, I finally have found a real way to live my life. Yo has helped me reconnect with my long lost Hamster and I met my 3rd wife. It is revolutionary. Yo, it's so Yo.

Well there you have it.


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