'Yo' Celebrities: Famous People And Organisations Already Using The Viral Sensation


There are serious concerns about Yo, the new messaging and social media app which has crashed into the Top 10 of the App Store on nothing more than the ability to send a generic two-character message to unverified users.

The app has already been hacked, and details about who has invested in the app and why are still in doubt.

That said... celebrities!

One of the best things about the app is the fact that all you need to message another user is their user name. That's it. And since the user in question has no ability to block or ignore you, they'll have to see your 'Yo' -- and maybe reply.

Obviously one of the first things we did was message as many celebrities and other famous names as we could. Needless to say, none of the celebrities named below are confirmed to be who they purport to be. There is nothing stopping anyone signing up as anyone else.

Here are the pick of our replies so far. If you have any, let us know.

Also, Yo us! You can find us at "HUFFPOSTUK". We will Yo back. Because Yo.