Kelly Brook's Fiancé David McIntosh Reveals He Works Out Naked And Discusses His Manhood

It sounds like you might want to keep your curtains closed if you live next door to Kelly Brook’s fiancé David McIntosh, after he revealed he has a penchant for doing his morning work-out in the nude.

David has revealed in a new interview with gay magazine Attitude, that he’s so comfortable with his body that he has no problems walking around his apartment in the nude, and doesn’t feel the need to hide his modesty from his neighbours.

David McIntosh, during his 'Gladiators' days

He explained: “I do my exercise routines and make my protein shake naked. If you appreciate your body why would you want to cover it up? You might as well show it off.

“I live in an apartment with buildings facing on to it, so when I walk around letting it all hang out I give the neighbours a bit of a shock.”

That said, it sounds like David hasn’t got anything to be shy about - as if we didn’t already know that judging from those infamous shorts - joking to Attitude: “As I always say to the girls, once you go McIntosh, you don't go back. A few have been scared off.”

David also poses nude inside the issue, but we’re not sure whether or not Kelly will be splashing out on a copy, as there’s a rather familiar face on the cover - her ex-boyfriend, Thom Evans who has also whipped his top off for a photo-shoot with the magazine.


The latest edition of Attitude magazine is available to download now, and hits newsstands on 25 June.

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh in Miami

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh in Miami

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