How To: The Secret Features Of Apple's Earphones

HuffPost How To: The Secret Features Of Apple's Earphones

Love them or hate them Apple's earphones are iconically designed and have got better year on year. With the new in-line remote you can actually do much more than simply changing volume.

Apple's earphones are the marmite product of the tech world but love them or hate them they're surprisingly powerful little things, especially if you know all of their secret features.

Much more than just being able to change the volume or play/pause the Apple earbuds can be used to access voice control, take pictures and much more.

GetConnectedTV have managed to hunt down all the extra functions they can perform and put them in a handy video for your consumption.

Check out the video above and you'll be greeted with all the cool features that actually come with the earbuds straight out of the box.


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