Drones To Start Delivering Pizza In Russia

Drones will soon fill the skies

Russia is now the next company to start offering pizza deliveries via the air-borne quadcopters.

To be more precise it's actually the DoDo Pizza company which has started the undertaking -- and unsurprisingly there's a video, complete with rousing soundtrack in the background and lots of logos.

DoDo definitely aren't the first company to offer pizza deliveries by drone (see below) but their method of delivery is certainly the most dramatic.

Rather than actually land the drone, DoDo appears to envision the pizza being delivered in hostile airspace with anti-aircraft fire preventing the aircraft from landing.

To compensate for this highly difficult set of circumstances the pizza is dropped via a grappling hook from the drone's cargo bay, allowing safe delivery whilst never having to land.

It's novel, certainly, but we see some pretty clear issues during high-wind situations. Molten hot cheese falling from above is a cruel way to go, so we'd suggest fair weather orders only.