Lauren Goodger 'Sick Of Drama' And Starting A New Life In Los Angeles, Reveals Mark Wright Would Never Let Her Go Naked On Camera

Lauren Swaps Essex For LA

Lauren Goodger has announced that she's bidding farewell to old Blighty and heading Stateside to start a new life in America.

The former ‘TOWIE’ star says she’s leaving Essex behind because she’s “sick of all the drama” and instead will be focusing on her music career in Los Angeles - which famously has no drama whatsoever, in fact the whole state of California is completely drama-free.

Lauren Goodger

She explained in the latest edition of new! magazine: “I’ve wanted to move away from Essex for a while because I’m sick of all the drama," she tells new Magazine.

"So I’m excited to say I’m moving to Los Angeles! I leave this week and I’m moving in with two personal trainers. My plan is to stay out there for three months, but nothing is set in stone."

Slightly straying from her new “no drama” outlook - well, she’s not in LA yet - Lauren also took the opportunity to comment on her ex-fiancé Mark Wright’s relationship with former ‘Corrie’ star Michelle Keegan, after she revealed she’d be willing to do a nude scene for a part in ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Lauren revealed that when they were together, and were both cast members on ‘TOWIE’, Mark was totally against her stripping off on camera, saying: “Even when I did my first scene with spray tan he fucking went ballistic. And that was having a spray tan with shorts on. But he’s probably grown up now hopefully.”

Mark recently made a public plea to Lauren on Twitter, asking her to stop talking about him in magazine interviews, saying: “Please leave me out of your public conversations, stop embarrassing yourself. Start having some respect and MOVE ON.”

Luckily for Mark, she’ll soon be soaking up that drama-free California sun.

Read what she had to say in full in the new issue of new! magazine, out now.

Lauren Goodger Celebrity Trendsetter - Huh?

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