Steven Tyler Sports Bedsheet-Like Outfit At Stella McCartney Store Party In Milan (PICS)

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler went for an interesting ensemble at a Stella McCartney party yesterday evening, upstaging his rumoured girlfriend Aimee Preston.

While Aimee sported a simple shirt and shorts combo, Steven went for an interesting look, which appeared to have been made from a number of bed sheets rather than actual clothes.

Steven Tyler

The rocker paired his hooded ensemble with a couple of beaded necklaces and let his long hair down.

Steven struck a few odd poses on the red carpet, before making his way into the bash with Aimee, who is rumoured to be more than just a friend.

Steven and Aimee

According to reports, Aimee and Steven have been dating for a few months. A source told the Daily Mail: "It's early days between them, but they're certainly having fun together.

While at the party in Milan, Steven snapped a photo of himself and designer Stella, which he then sent to his daughter, actress Liv Tyler, on Twitter.

The band are set to perform at Calling Festival in London this weekend.

Steven Tyler: Absolute Dude

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