Withings' New Activité Smart Watch: Pictures Of The Beautifully Simple


Withings has thrown a curveball by announcing the Activité smart watch, a fitness tracker so good-looking that even people who hate the idea of fitness tracking might consider buying a fitness tracker.

If that's far too much fitness tracking talk then fear not, because the Activité is all about making you feel as though you're not really tracking anything, you're just filling a virtual health bar.

With a completely analogue watch face the dial that measures your activity simply shows '0', '50' and '100' giving you a clean simple interface that lets you know how far before you reach your goal.

At second glance though you'll realise that there's more than meets the eye as the glass is touch-sensitive sapphire with a tap of the watch face showing your set alarms.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy the watch wirelessly sends all the complex data to your phone so you can see how many steps you've taken, distance travelled, it'll even track swimming.

There's a built in vibration motor which alerts you when the alarm goes off or vibrates every time you've completed an objective.

This surprisingly good-looking piece of kit joins the Moto 360 by being a wearable device that looks as desirable as it is smart.