We Spend £2,500 On Lunch Each Year... Time To Dust Off That Tupperware, Methinks

Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Here's something to brighten up your hump day... (not).

The average worker spends an average of £10.59 on lunch, takeaway coffees and work snacks every day - adding up to a whopping £2,500 each year.

It's enough to put you off your lunch isn't it?

The study, which was conducted by Visa, polled more than 2,100 British commuters.

It found they spend £3.69 on lunch lunch, £2.09 on hot beverages and £7.09 on a supermarket spree to buy food and drink for the evening.

We think we've found a pretty strong argument for dusting off that trusty tupperware and making some good old-fashioned homemade sarnies, what do you think?

Here are some top-notch lunch recipes to inspire you.

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