Boy's Hilarious Hip-Gyrating Celebration Has To Be Seen To Be Believed (Video)

It has become a new tradition that whenever a camera lands on you at a sports event, you must make a complete and utter idiot of yourself.

After all, these five seconds of fame don't come around very often.

But this lad takes basking in the spotlight to a whole new level.

Oh what a sight to behold!

The boy was in the crowd at a recent Miami Marlins baseball game when the cameras landed on a particular group of fans.

As is always the case when someone sees their face on a giant screen being projected to thousands of people, they quickly started waving and gurning and just generally making idiots of themselves.

But the boy cranked up the volume - and busted some moves that would have put the late Michael Jackson to shame. In fact, his performance is so terrifying, he could have starred in the Thriller video.

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Astonishing, isn't it?

Sears onto your brain. Maybe it's the demonic gaping mouth, or maybe it's the gyrating hips that makes this little fella seem almost possessed as he displays his love for the home team.

Whatever the case, it has left many a dad (like myself) struck with a kind of awe, and a feeling: "I'll have what he's having!"