Sarah Jane Crawford Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction At Celeb Bash After Forgetting To Remove The Price Tag On Her Dress (PICS)

Sarah Jane Crawford might have bagged herself Caroline Flack's old job presenting 'The Xtra Factor' but she's obviously still getting used to the perks that come with the gig.

Like free dresses.

Why else would SJC have stepped out at a showbiz bash with - horror of horrors - the price tag still attached to her monochrome dress?

'It's all about the priiiiiice taaaaag'

Unless it was sooooo expensive that she wanted us all to know that she can afford more than Primark and New Look these days.

Although judging by her reaction, I'm thinking it's the former, rather than the latter.

Sarah Jane is currently filming the new series of 'The Xtra Factor', following Caroline Flack's departure from the presenting role.

Let's hope she's better at that than getting dressed by herself, eh?

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