Worst Gift Ever: Amazon Poo Soap Is Way Too Lifelike To Be A Joke

If there was a site dedicated to buying presents for your enemies, this lifelike poo soap from Amazon would definitely feature on it.

Even looking at it is making us want to hurl - but you have to admire the lifelike detail. Apparently The Poop Soap costs around £9 and smells like 'dessert' (although you'd have to pay us money to make us sniff it), and the manufacturer proudly announces it has bits of corn for that extra touch.

On Amazon, user Frank Hewitt wrote: "Used this as part of a prank, leaving it in the bathtub - once wet this thing is so realistic I almost gagged."

Another user, Ali G added:"I mailed it to a buddy of mine and he said he thought he was supposed to eat it because it smelled so good. And he took a pic and sent it to me. It looked like a legit turd."

The ingredients list includes 'all plant and vegetable oils, pthalate-free fragrance, natural colorants' and, worryingly a 'trade secret ingredient.'

Sounds like a load of sh*t to us.