US Approve 'Call of Duty'-Style Exoskeleton

The FDA has given full approval for a Call of Duty style exoskeleton suit which can help paraplegics walk again.

Until now the ReWalk exoskeleton hadn't been available for general consumer use as the suit hadn't been approved, now that the approval has gone through anybody can buy one.

The ReWalker is an exoskeleton suit that uses a series of motorised joints at the knees and the hips to help the body walk again.

Using motion sensors and onboard computers the suit can learn how you walk and get better over time, it can even help you climb stairs.

Each time you lean forward the computer registers the intent and starts the walking process, with the help of crutches it can remove the need for a wheelchair.

Dr Amit Goffer, the inventor of the ReWalk explains how the system works saying: “The person walks the system, the system does not walk them. The users are in control — when they want to sit, they sit, when then want to stand and walk, they do so,”

The suit can also help those who can potentially walk again by easing them back into the process and gradually removing the assistance as they get better.