UK Cinemas Ban Google Glass, Obviously

Google Glass has been banned from UK cinemas over fears that criminal organisations will use the wearable technology to record films illegally.

According to the Independent cinemas won't ban you from entering the cinema they'll just require that you remove the headset whilst you're watching the film.

One of the concerns about Google Glass has been its ability to record footage at the swipe of a finger, with only a small white screen being the indication that the device is on.

Whilst it's unlikely that anyone could actually record an entire film on Glass (it powers down after 45mins continuous recording) that hasn't stopped the cinemas implementing preventative measures.

People have already gone straight to Twitter to voice their views with journalists and consumers both generally sharing the view that Glass wouldn't pose that much of a threat.

The US has been facing a similar situation with cinemas still up in the air over whether to allow the wearable technology, however that hasn't stopped incidents with one Google Glass owner being pulled out of a cinema by a member of the FBI to be interrogated.

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